Accounting Outsourcing

Our Accounting Outsourcing Program can be custom-tailored to your firm’s unique needs. We typically offer a recurring revenue share as well as other methodologies.

  • We provide complete and comprehensive financial report packages at year end to support the financials, streamlining and simplifying the tax preparation and filing process, resulting in higher realizations on fees for the CPA & CA.
  • We make CPAs & CAs “look good”, providing properly closed and reconciled reporting to their clients and allowing business owners to make decisions based on accurate information.
  • Our accounting professionals are available daily and reachable by clients and CPAs and CAs as if they were in house.
  • Our fully outsourced accounting and controller services are overseen by CPAs & CAs. Accounting firms recommend us to their clients because they know that we do not compete with their tax preparation and filing services, rather we support and enable them to get the job done. Our services allow CPAs and CAs to focus on getting more done, in less time, with the support of accurate, thorough financial data.

We provide

  • Closed books at an accountant level every month
  • Closed annual books by the 25th of January / April
  • Direct quarterly support to help you get tax estimates prepared and pay Advance Tax
  • Accurate books for all your clients so you never have to worry about the integrity of the financial data
  • A seamless partnership with our Accounting Team
  • Documented processes and a system of checks, balances and redundancies to ensure no gaps, oversights or interruptions

To help entrepreneurs get their act together
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