Company Secretarial Service Outsourcing

  • We provide complete and comprehensive Corporate Law Compliance report packages at year end to support the financials, streamlining and simplifying the Corporate Law Compliance and filing process, resulting in higher realizations on fees for the  CA & CSs.
  • We make CAs & CSs “look good”, providing properly closed and reconciled reporting of their Board & AGM minutes and Statutory Registers to their clients and allowing business owners to make decisions based on accurate Legal Compliance.
  • Our Corporate Law professionals are available daily and reachable by clients and CPAs and CAs as if they were in house.
  • Our fully outsourced Corporate Law Compliance and controller services are overseen by CAs & CSs. Accounting firms recommend us to their clients because they know that we do not compete with their tax preparation and filing services, rather we support and enable them to get the job done. Our services allow CAs and CSs to focus on getting more done, in less time, with the support of accurate, thorough Legal Compliant data.

We provide

  • Quarterly Board Minutes based on the events occurred and review of financial information for that quarter
  • Filing Services with the Registrar of Companies (ROC)
  • Closed Statutory Registers on quarterly basis
  • Annual Return Filing (AOC 4 & MGT 7)
  • Keeping Corporate Law Compliances Due Diligence Ready
  • Updation of Past Records and keeping a track of it
  • A seamless partnership with our Corporate Law Compliance Team
  • Documented processes and a system of checks, balances and redundancies to ensure no gaps, oversights or interruptions
  • These all are done through an online solution, where the access for the same to you is 24/7

To help entrepreneurs get their act together
before they approach investors